Banglalink Internet Offer 2024 Packages | বাংলালিংক ইন্টারনেট অফার

if you need a Banglalink internet pack you are in the right place. We explain in this post all Banglalink internet offer in 2024. Bl provides the best net package and cheap rate offers. Banglalink provides daily, monthly, and weekly packages that are available for their prepaid and postpaid customers.

who can’t know about Banglalink, Because of the most powerful mobile network in Bangladesh Banglalink? Ocala speed test in 2020, 2022, and 2023 Banglalink is a fast mobile network in bd.

Long-time validity, full coverage, and the cheapest price Banglalink MB offers are the most customer choices.

Banglalink internet offer 2024 | Best বাংলালিংক ইন্টারনেট অফার ২০২

Banglalink Internet Offer 2024
Banglalink Internet Offer 2024 Packages

The fast thing is fast which type of Banglalink internet pack do you need? we explained all types of internet packages on your SIM.

Banglalink Internet offer 30 Days 2024

AmountBL OfferValidity
299 Taka5 GB30 Days
399 Taka10 GB30 Days
499 Taka25 GB30 Days
599 Taka40 GB30 Days
699 Taka60 GB30 Days
749 Taka80 GB30 Days
Banglalink Internet offer 30 Days 2024
ডিসকাউন্টে সকল সিমের মিনিট, ইন্টারনেট ও বান্ডেল অফার ক্রয় করতে DESH OFFER সাইটে ভিজিট করুন।

In 2024 Banglalink Internet offer 30 Days are available so many varieties. Banglalink’s Internet offer for 30 Days starts from 299 Taka. Big Banglalink Internet offer 30 Days 2024 is an 80 GB Pack, price 749 Taka.

Banglalink Internet offer 7 Days 2024

Price/TakaBL offerValidity
49 Taka1 GB7 Days
69 Taka2 GB7 Days
89 Taka3 GB7 Days
99 Taka4 GB7 Days
149 Taka7 GB7 Days
169 Taka10 GB7 Days
199 Taka15 GB7 Days
229 Taka20 GB7 Days
249 Taka25 GB7 Days
Banglalink Internet offer 7 Days 2024

The Banglalink most popular Internet offer 7 Days pack. Banglalink Internet offer 2024 list that is very good for users. Banglalink Internet offer 2024 7 days validity starting from 49 Taka.

Big Banglalink Internet offer 2024 for 7 days is 25 GB Pack, price of 249 Taka. If you buy Banglalink 25 GB internet offer, please recharge 249 taka.

BL some internet offer is very exciting because those offers give Banglalink free MB or bonus internet.

We divide Banglalink Internet Offer 2024 into three parts.

So, don’t waste time late to see the best Banglalink internet package you need…

Banglalink small internet packages | 1-4 days validity

In this table, we provide all the regular small data offered in Banglalink Internet Offer 2024. those offers are available to all Banglalink regular customers.

For instance, many users CAN ask me for a lot of low-price offers here on Banglalink.

I know In addition, many more offer packs are available but, all offers are not regular offers. some are Banglalink Bondho offer 2024 list of Banglalink Internet Offer 2024.

Similarly, some are new sim offers in 2024.

Firstly, we explain the regular Banglalink net offer and then see all the other packages.

BL internet offersRecharge amountActivation codeValidity
1.5 GB31 Taka 3 DAYS
1 GB36 Taka*5000*36#4 DAYS
1.5 GB41 Taka*5000*41#4 DAYS
3 GB49 Taka*5000*49#4 DAYS
2.5 GB(2GB+0.5GB 4G)58 Taka 4 DAYS
4.5 GB( 4GB+.5 GB TOFFEE)64 Taka 4 DAYS
Banglalink Internet Offer 2024

Banglalink 31 TK recharge offer

After a long time, Banglalink provides this kind of offer. it’s a very simple 3 days validity offer.

How to buy a 1.5 GB offer in Banglalink

  • Just recharge 31 Taka From iTop-up.
  • This offer activation code is not available at this time.
  • Get 1.5 GB of internet, and use any kind of browsing.
  • validity 3 days.
Banglalink 36 TK 1 GB offer

In 2023, Banglalink provides a 1 GB internet pack with 36 taka recharge with an activation code.

For example, in this offer, your unused internet volume will be carried forward if you purchase the same offer before the end of the first period.

How to buy a Banglalink 1 GB offer

  • top-up recharge 36 Taka.
  • Get 1 GB of internet, and use any kind of browsing.
  • validity 4 days.

Banglalink 1 GB offer code is *5000*36#

Banglalink 41 TK recharge offer

we say BL convinces their customers to offer some exciting data pack. firstly this offer can provide 1 GB + 200 4G internet data.

But, at this time Bangalink customers get directly 1.5 GB of data.

How to buy a Banglalink 1.5 GB data pack?

Banglalink Internet Offer 2024 list provides lots of small offers.

  • Directly recharge 41 Taka on your Banglalink sim.
  • Get 1.5 GB internet,
  • validity 4 days.

Banglalink 1.5 GB offer code is: *5000*41#

Banglalink 3 GB offer pack

If you need the lowest price of 3 GB internet. You can choose the Banglalink.

Because for only 49 rupees they provide 3GB data for any use. In the first release, the customer was given only 2 GB of data in this offer.

Banglalink 49 TK recharge offer

  • Get 3 GB internet,
  • validity 4 days.

Banglalink 3 GB offer code is: *5000*49#

Banglalink Internet offers 7 days

Most Banglalink users love weekly internet offers. In this table is a regular 7 days validity Banglalink Internet Offer 2024.

Above all, this is the right place to find the best Banglalink MB offer for you.

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Similarly, some additional popular Banglalink internet offer is given at the bottom of the post.

BL weekly offerRecharge amountActivation codeValidity
1 GB26 Taka 7 DAYS
6 GB108 Taka*5000*108#7 DAYS
9 GB (7GB+2GB 4G)114 Taka*5000*114#7 DAYS
12 GB (12GB+1 GB Toffee)129 Taka 7 DAYS
15 GB149 Taka 7 DAYS
18 GB169 Taka 7 DAYS
Banglalink Internet Offer 2024

Banglalink 1 GB 26 Taka offer

Banglalink’s new internet offer 2024 is a 26 taka recharge pack.

some customers need a small internet pack with long time validity. The same kind of offer is the 26 Taka 1 GB offer.

How to buy 26 TK 1 GB Banglalink

  • Recharge 26 Taka,
  • Get 1 GB of internet,
  • validity 7 days.
Banglalink 108 TK offer

The popular Banglalink weekly internet offer 2024 is the 108 taka recharge offer. Most of the Banglalink users use regular basis because other operators provide the same price of 4-5 GB of data.

For instance, Banglalink provided 6 GB of regular data to use all types of browsing.

Robi 6 GB pack buying ways

  • Recharge 108 Taka,
  • Get 6 GB internet,
  • validity 7 days.
  • activation code *5000*108#
Banglalink 114 TK offer

If, you need more extra free data to enjoy your internet world. get 2 GB free internet for 144 taka offer.

yes, you know Banglalink 114 taka offer regularly provides 7 GB internet. But, the Banglalink customer gets 9 GB in this package.

Robi 6 GB pack buying ways

  • Just Recharge 114 taka,
  • Get 9 GB internet,
  • validity 7 days.
  • activation code *5000*114#

Banglalink internet pack 30 days

Currently, those regular offers available are Banglalink monthly internet pack 2024.

Therefore, we are providing the all-new fetched 30 days net pack on Banglalink.

However, in 2024 Banglalink officially gave those kinds of 30 days validity monthly offers are available for customers.

BL weekly offerRecharge amountActivation codeValidity
6 GB299 Taka 30 DAYS
30 GB349 Taka 30 DAYS
12 GB399 Taka 30 DAYS
40 GB (30GB+10GB 4G)499 Taka 30 DAYS
Banglalink Internet Offer 2024

Banglalink bundle pack

Bangladesh’s most trending internet pack is the Banglalink bundle offer 2024. BL provides different kinds of bundle offers for its valuable customers.

Above all, all mobile operators provide those kinds of offers at this time.

But, the Banglalink mix bundle offer is very customer-friendly and the most popular package.

what is the Banglalink bundle pack?

Yes, see the correct answer in the bundle offer. A bundle is a package containing more than one product or object in one package.

Some Banglalink customers call this package a mixed bundle pack.

if, you need in one bundle like Banglalink internet, Banglalink minute.

So, this table list is for you. see all Banglaink bundle packages and get the right Banglalink internet pack within minutes for your needs.

BL bundle offerRecharge amountActivation codeValidity
6 GB+ 250 Minutes298 Taka 30 DAYS
25 GB+ 600 Minutes498 Taka 30 DAYS
30 GB+ 800 Minutes598 Taka 30 DAYS
Banglalink Internet Offer 2024

Banglalink recharges the internet pack

Customers search for the Banglalink recharge internet offer and Banglalink internet activation code on the buy internet.

If needed, BL Recharge Net Offer 2024 is required.

In this post, all offer tables specify the available “Recharge Amount”. You can find your pack recharge the right amount and get your Banglalink internet offer 2024.

in this post top, 3 table offers are available on direct recharge. we also provide an activation code, that’s available.

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In conclusion,

All offers available in Banglalink provided offer chat. We explain all Banglalink Internet offer 2024 in very simple ways.

After that, we say your Banglalink Internet Offer 2024 OR Banglalink internet pack-finding problem is solved in 2024.


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